Core Courses

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Core courses of an atmospheric sciences program vary by university. At Penn State, the core courses are dynamics, physics, and radiation. At Texas A&M, they are dynamics, physics, and chemistry. At the UW-Madison, the core courses are dynamics, physics, and oceanography.

Each course introduces an extensive set of equations which describe various natural phenomena. Whereas most equations are not worth memorizing, recognition of terms, signs, and magnitudes may provide valuable insight into understanding fundamental properties of the ocean and atmosphere. I have compiled a list of important equations for several core courses.

Relevant Coursework

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The following is a list of courses in which I have completed in atmospheric science programs at Penn State, Texas A&M University, and the UW-Madison. All graduate-level courses are indicated as 500-level or greater. Letters following numbers denote special topic courses (G, K) or writing intensive courses (W).