Curriculum Vitae

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University of Wisconsin-Madison, PhD in Atmospheric Sciences, Aug 2017
Dissertation: "Aerosol Direct Radiative Effects and Heating in the New Era of Active Satellite Observations"

University of Wisconsin-Madison, MS in Atmospheric Sciences, Aug 2013
Thesis: "A Global Survey of Aerosol Direct Effects"

Texas A&M University, Atmospheric Sciences (Transferred 2011)

Pennsylvania State University, Bachelor of Science in Meteorology
Graduated May 2009, Schreyer Honors College, Cumulative GPA: 3.92/4.00
Thesis: "A Study of the Vulnerability of Airline Flights to Volcanic Eruptions"
Matus, A., T. L'Ecuyer, J. Kay, C. Hannay, and J. Lamarque, 2015: The role of clouds in modulating global aerosol direct radiative effects in spaceborne active observations and the Community Earth System Model, J. Climate, 28, 2986-3003. [ Download ]

Matus, A. and T. L'Ecuyer, 2017: The role of cloud phase in Earth's radiation budget, J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., 122, 2559-2578, doi:10:1002/2016JD025951. [ Download ]

Hang, Y., T. L'Ecuyer, and A. Matus, 2017: Reassessing the role of cloud type in Earth's radiation budget after a decade of active spaceborne observations. Part I: Top of atmosphere and surface, J. Climate., in prep.

Matus, A. and T. L'Ecuyer, 2017: The role of marine cloud cover in enhancing aerosol heating and transport, J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., in prep.
Research Experience
CloudSat Algorithm Developer, UW-Madison, Madison, WI, Jan. 2014-present
Developed software to improve the representation of cloud, land, and ocean surface properties in CloudSat's radiative fluxes and heating rates product (2B-FLXHR-LIDAR).

NASA LARSS National Program, LaRC, Hampton, VA, May-Aug. 2009
Performed analysis of the 2009 Mount Redoubt eruptions and associated impacts on commercial aviation due to the dispersion of volcanic ash.

NASA DEVELOP National Program, LaRC, Hampton, VA, May-Aug. 2008
Evaluated aspects of data processing associated with the CALIPSO mission and presented results live on NASA TV at NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Peter R. Gould Center for Geography Outreach and Education, PSU, 2007-2008
Completed GIS and cartographic projects for various local clients, including the National Park Service, Penn State University, and National Geographic.
Conference Presentations
Matus, A. and T. L'Ecuyer. 2016. Assessing the radiative effects of mixed-phase clouds using CloudSat and CALIPSO, CALIPSO/CloudSat Science Team Meeting, Newport News, VA.

Matus, A., T. L'Ecuyer, J. Kay, C. Hannay, and J. Lamarque. 2014. The role of clouds in modifying global aerosol direct radiative effects, CALIPSO/CloudSat Science Team Meeting, Alexandria, VA.

Matus, A. and T. L'Ecuyer. 2014. Satellite estimates of aerosol species contributions to global aerosol direct effects, 6th Symposium on Aerosol-Cloud-Climate Interactions, 94th AMS Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA.

Matus, A. and A. Schloss. 2012. Real-time automated cloud classification from live webcams, ESIP Federation Winter Meeting, Washington, D.C.

Matus, A., L. Hudnall, J. Murray, and A. Krueger. 2010. The impacts on air traffic of volcanic ash from the 2009 Mt. Redoubt eruptions, Data Collection, Interpretation, Assimilation, and Stewardship, 90th AMS Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA.

Matus, A., L. Hudnall, A. Krueger, J. Murray, and M. Pippin. 2009. The impacts on air traffic of volcanic ash from the Okmok and Kasatochi eruptions during the summer of 2008, Aviation Weather Information, 39th AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference, San Antonio, TX.

Matus, A., B. Scarino, D. Henderson, B. Lee, and C. Trepte. 2009. The evaluation and application of CALIPSO products with focus on expedited data retrievals, temperature dataset comparisons, and trajectory modeling, Fourth Symposium on Lidar Atmospheric Applications, 89th AMS Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ.
International Research
CAUSE 2008: Volcanoes, Glaciers, and their Societal Impacts, Iceland, May 2008
Conducted field work on aspects of geology, glaciology, and meteorology using lidar, GPS, and seismometers during a 12-day expedition across southern Iceland.

GEOG 497C: Environmental Issues Across the Americas, Peru, Dec. 2008
Conducted interdisciplinary study at research stations in the Madre de Dios Region of Peru to investigate the effects of regional climate change on communities in Amazonia.
Leadership Experience
Weather and Society Integrated Studies (WAS*IS), NCAR, Boulder, CO, Aug. 2010
Engaged in a 9-day interdisciplinary workshop to discuss how scientists can change the weather enterprise by integrating social science into meteorological practice.

NCAR Undergraduate Leadership Workshop, NCAR, Boulder, CO, June 2008
Participated in a 5-day workshop to learn key professional leadership skills while gaining valuable insight on the atmospheric research community in Boulder.

Penn State Campus Weather Service, PSU, Sept. 2005-May 2009
Lead weekly shifts to produce weather forecasts for campus newspaper, The Daily Collegian. Volunteered as a shift member to forecast for local radio and video clients.
Tutor, UW-Madison Center for Educational Opportunity, 2011-2012
Member, Student representative of Geosciences Graduate Committee, 2010
Treasurer, Department of Atmospheric Sciences Graduate Student Council, 2010
Secretary, Penn State University Branch of the AMS (PSUBAMS), 2006-2009
Member, Chi Epsilon Pi Meteorology Honors Society, 2007-2009
Volunteer, THON Pediatric Cancer Dance Marathon, 2005-2009
Team Manager, Penn State Men’s Basketball Team, 2006-2009
2016 Reid Bryson Scholarship, April 2016
Lettau Award for Outstanding M.S. Thesis, April 2014
ARAM Best Student Paper Award, Feb 2010
Penn State University Distinguished EMSAGE Laureate, May 2009
Kruhoeffer Endowed Scholarship in Meteorology, August 2008
Schreyer Summer 2008 Research Scholarship, May 2008
Matthew J. Wilson Honors Scholarship, 2007/2008
Schreyer Ambassador Travel Grant, March 2008
Dean’s List, Penn State University, 2005-2009
Technological Experience
Languages: Python, Fortran, MATLAB, C++, and Visual Basic
Applications: LaTeX, ArcGIS, Google Earth, and ENVI
Web: PHP, HTML, and CSS
OS: Unix/Linux and Windows